With the current economic condition, it is no surprise why majority of Americans have debts. Debts are not bad at all. In fact, it keeps the economy growing. However, having debts can become a problem if your debts are large that your income is not enough to pay for them. So, while debts are okay, being debt-free for most people is synonymous to a trouble-free life, at least in the financial aspect. If this is what you are dreaming of, here are some tips on how to get rid of your debts this year.

Increase Your Income

You might wonder, how come your income is no longer enough when it used to be more than enough? Well, blame it to the economy. The prices of goods and taxes are rising, which make the cost of living even higher. The best solution for you to keep your life recession-proof is to keep your income good enough to afford the difficult economy. How? Then do not rely only on your primary job. If it is no longer enough, find ways to get extra money. You could perhaps start a small business on the side, such as cake decorating. Or, if you are good in writing, you could also make money from writing articles for websites. There are various ways to make money, so find out what your best skills are and look for ways on how to make extra money out of them.

Consolidate Your Loans

So, you have taken a lot of small loans to pay for your obligations, etc. Having a lot of loans at the same time can be too stressful most especially if the total amount of your payables monthly is a lot and can take a big chunk of your income. Why not consolidate your loans into a big loan, so you only have one loan to worry for every month? However, remember, this will not help solve your problem unless, of course, if you can find a low-interest loan.

If you have a lot of small personal loans and you are paying higher interests for these loans, it is essential that you get rid of them as soon as possible. These loans are eating a lot of your money every month. The best type of loan to go for is secured loans, if you have a collateral to show. If not, apply for trusted loans for people with bad credit.

Live Within Your Means

Right, you like all the comforts in life, but note that all these comforts come with a price. A gadget for instance may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, which you could already use for more important things such as your food, gas and education. Use your money well and invest in something that will benefit you in the long run. No matter how big your income is and how good the economy is, it will always not be enough if you don’t live within your means. Living within your means will definitely help you get rid not only of your expensive habits but also of your debts.